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The Refreshing Spirit of Pope Francis

"Less than three weeks after the election of Pope Francis, Corriere della Sera (29th March 2013) published Armando Torno's article about the major influences on the thought of the new pope. Immediately after St Theresa of Avila, Pope Francis mentioned the theology of failure of the Italian American Jesuit John Navone, commenting that the Christian faith does not promise an exemption from failure, but rather a way of dealing with it advantageously; that even the mission of Christ, judged by mere human standards, seemed to culminate in total failure. The following day, Matteo Matzuzzi, covering the influences on the new pope in Il Foglio, stated that 'He adores the theology of failure of the Jesuit John Navone.'…."

Writing exclusively for Faith and Freedom John Navone gives an assessment of what Pope Francis brings to his appointment and gives an outline of his own theological thinking which has proved so influential with the new Pope.

But Some Doubted…

"Whether just inside or just outside the community of faith, the common experience of many in our culture is doubt. It's the screensaver to our lives, the colour of the water, the air we breathe…"

John Pritchard, Anglican Bishop of Oxford discusses the place of doubt in faith.

'Their sister in both senses'.
The memoirs of Emma Duffin V.A.D. nurse in the First World War

An intensely moving account of the First World War experiences in hospitals at the front of Belfast-born Unitarian Emma Duffin (a direct descendant of William Drennan, the founder of the United Irishmen and a cousin of Thomas Andrews designer of the Titanic) who volunteered to serve as a nurse and spent three harrowing years tending the wounded. Written by Trevor Parkhill who has transcribed her diaries.


A Naturalistic Approach to the Christian Tradition by Frank Walker

and What does Spirituality Mean to You? by Kamran Mofid

As well as many lively reviews by Graham Murphy on poet John Clare, Professor David A. Williams on David Cannadine's The Undivided Past, Professor Alan P.F. Sell on Congregationalism, Andrew Clark on the World Congress of Faiths, Lena Cockroft on Fred Harrison's The Traumatised Society, Peter B. Godfrey on the biography of a caring Victorian, Sue Norton on The Pink Ribbon Path: Prayers, Reflections and Meditations for Women with Breast Cancer, and David Steers on Lent.

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