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The Autumn/Winter 2014 issue is now available

In it Donald A. Bailey discusses the facts about "The Only Unitarian King in History" – King John Sigismund II of Hungary:

What do we know about him and the geo-political circumstances of his family, life and reign? Was he really a king, or only a prince? What did he reign over and how effectively?…

Phillip Hewett gives his personal thoughts on sixty years of ministry, reflecting on pilgrimage, labyrinths and the writings of John Philip Newell and Edwin Muir in "The Golden Harvester":

I was well into my ninetieth year, and as is not unusual at that point in life, looked back from time to time over the road that had been travelled. I came to realize how significant the theme of pilgrimage has been for me, not so consciously at first, but increasingly so as time went by. I have made my way to many places I have felt to have a special meaning, either because of their association with memorable persons or events, or through intangible qualities that have caused them to widely recognized as holy.

Yvonne Craig writes about the power of words to heal and hurt in "In the Beginning was the Word"; Dan West explores the choices that come with freedom of religion in "Commitment without Coercion?"; there is the full text with notes of Alan Ruston's John Relly Beard Lecture "Two Hundred Years Being Legal"; and Moyra Donaldson's poem "Greba Cras".

Plus many significant, challenging and exciting reviews covering religious history; the encounter between Unitarianism, Judaism and Islam; Mark's gospel; the nature of God; religious art in the Renaissance; God, sexuality and the self; poetry, ministry; the religious implications of Dr Who and much more.

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