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The Autumn and Winter 2015 issue of Faith and Freedom (Volume 68 Part 2, Number 181) is now available.

This issue contains a highly pertinent article by leading US Catholic theologian John Navone Finding God in Strangers, and an examination of the way we read Mark's gospel by author and UU minister George Kimmich Beach. Yvonne Craig give s personal reflection on Grace and Disgrace: A Social Pilgrimage and two articles are reflective of the centenary of the First World War with the editor's account of the Rev Percival Godding's experience as a prisoner of war and Evelyn Taylor's discussion of the impact of the war on Manchester College. The College also features in the second part of Victor Lal's research onto the Brahmo Samaj and Oxford, and short and illuminating articles are provided by Barrie Needham and Sue Norton. As well as this there are stimulating reviews by, among others, Pat Frankish, Ernest Baker, Peter B. Godfrey, and Lena Cockroft, and a review article on Sarah Shaw's The Spirit of Buddhist Meditation (Yale University Press) written by Graham Murphy.

Spring and Summer 2015

In it Professor Barrie Needham uses John Henry Newman's 'Grammar of Assent' to discuss the place of rationality in religion, particularly for those who claim to take a progressive approach. In 'Only Connect', Tony Cross, former Principal of Manchester College, Oxford, gives his personal reflections on his pioneering work in promoting gay and straight integration in the 1960s and 1970s. Clair Linzey, deputy director of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, shares her theology of animal welfare and Victor Lal discusses the historical interaction between British Unitarians and the Brahmo Samaj. We also continue with Donald Bailey's detailed research into the identity and significance of John II Sigismund of Transylvania, the only Unitarian king in history, and he provides a crucial and fascinating genealogy for the king's family. With stimulating and essential reviews of contemporary works by David A. Williams, Martin Keiffer, Donald A. Bailey, Francine Magill, and Andrew Clarke these cover topics as varied as human development, science and religion, the nature of God, Christian belief, and religion and politics in the USA.

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